Check the Roof Every Year

You certainly know that having a good roof will ensure you plenty of comfort for you and your family. There are different things that can lead to roof damage, and one of the factors is the time and the lifespan of the roof.

rooferEach material has its qualities, and when you have a certain type of roof, you need to check it for damage at least once a year. It’s easy to do it, and it will take you less than an hour. If you don’t feel up to this task, you can call a professional to do it for you.

We’ve made a short list with the steps you can take to make sure you have a proper roof.

Home Roof Inspection

You need to check your roof at least twice a year, especially when the seasons change. You can call a roof contractor to inspect the roof, and, in exchange, you will receive an official certificate about the condition of the roof. That written piece of paper will contain every details you need to know about potential damage, lifespan or any other detail that might interest you.

You will also receive a list with the needed materials for the repairs, if there are any that need to be done.

The Gutters

This is something that you can do in the course of a day. It will take you only a few hours to complete this task and you will also save some money.

All you will need is a ladder and the willingness to do it. To reach the gutters, you need to step high on the ladder until those are within easy reach. Cleaning the gutters will make sure that there are no debris gathered there and the water can freely pass.

The gutters are the first barrier for the water – they make sure that the water doesn’t fall directly on your walls, wetting them or damaging them, also protecting the foundation of the house.

The Trees      

If you have any trees around the house, it’s better if you can cut the branches. If the branches are big enough to touch the roof, if there is a storm, they can damage it. Cutting the bigger branches will prevent the roof from taking any damage. The weather damage is enough for the roof, so it doesn’t have to stand also the damage made from a bigger branch or branches. Trimming them is the easiest solution, without cutting the whole tree.

ROOFING (1)The Attic

This is another portion that you have to check. The attic is a place that you usually don’t use, so make sure it is dry and with no water spots. If the roof took any damage from a storm or simply as a result of the passing time, the attic will show you those things.

Make sure you follow closely the isolation and see if there is any breaking point where water can get in. Also, if you have windows or illuminators installed in the attic, make sure that there is no water damage around them.

If you see water anywhere or if there are water stains or mold, you need to check the roof to see where the problem is.

A Roofing Contractor

Once you have finished with the visual inspection on the outside, and with the attic inspection on the inside, it’s time to call for a roofing contractor, especially if you have discovered some problems.

This is different from the home roof Roof setupinspection, as these are the professionals who will actually make the repairs. When you call them, make sure you have the written document from the home roof inspectors, and you also have a list with the rest of the problems that you have discovered by yourself.

The roofing contractor will give you a price estimation and you will have to decide which one to hire – that’s why it’s best to call at least 3 different roofing contractors to evaluate the site.

Flat Roof Leak Repair – Paint on Liquid Waterproof Sealant

Flat Roof Repair

Need a new flat roof? Compare them here :

Even roofers get a leak sometimes. After the last 48 hour downpour here in the UK I got a leak in my felt flat roof, it’s a Job that has been scheduled for last year that I never quite got round to.

In this video you can see me using a very common liquid waterproofer used in the trade for various small repairs just like sealing this felt roof. It seals to most surfaces with no adverse reaction and is ideal for no flame roof repairs, especially when reinforced over small splits or cracks.

Relatively cheap to buy in some roofing yards, but often overpriced in builders merchants, the link above will take you to my webpage dedicated to various types of flat roof repair, and there is an affiliate link to some Acrylic waterproofer at the best price I could find if you want some.

Hope it helps.

Mobile Home Metal Roof Installation – Time Lapse


Metal Roof- 14’x12’6″…………8
Drip Edge – 25’………………$ 32
Fascia – 28’………………$ 33
Screws – #8×1″…………….$ 10
Putty Tape- …………………$ 9
Silicone – 3 Caulk Tubes……..$ 12
Insulation- 4″x8″ sheets(x4)…..$ 40
Flashing – 3’……………….$ 6
Roof Vents- 2………………..$ 31
Coat Tape – 2………………..$ 20
Coating – Henry’s White #587…$ 28


Ladders (2), Safety Glasses, Dust Mask,Heavy Duty Work Gloves, Air Compresser, Air Nailer Gun, Heat Gun, Cordless Drills (2), 4 1/2″ Angle Grinder with cut-off Blade, Hammers(2),1/4″ Bit Drivers(2), Tin Snips(Angled),Hand Scraper, Hand Chisel, Paint Roller, Paint Brushes.

Safety Note: The roof framework and supporting beams were inspected/repaired/replaced by AZMHS personnel before working on top of the structure.


This installation process was done at a relaxed pace in three seperate sessions so we could make the video demonstration in proper lighting conditions.

Session 1- 7 Hours
Session 2- 8 1/2 Hours
Session 3- 1/2 Hour

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