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Remove and repair roof to wall flashing with proper Z flashing properly

Remove and repair roof to wall flashing with proper Z flashing the second time, since the first time the fellas did not do it properly.

Howdy guys and gals, this short video explains in a detailed description of why we removed the flashing that was simply caulked to a stucco wall, and the steps we took to remove the stucco too, in order to waterproof the wall correctly and bring it up to code requirements, and give it a nice cosmetic appearance.
How to remove and repair roof to wall plaster flashing’s.

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Remove and repair roof to wall flashing with proper Z flashing properly
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Other popular rendering plaster videos below

Remove and repair roof to wall flashing with proper Z flashing properly, fix incorrect roofing flashings

How to Fix a Small Hole in your Roof

How to Fix a Small Hole in your Roof

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Aluminum coating a mobile home roof

Benefits of White Roof Coating

Associate Jim highlights the benefits of white roof coating for flat or metal roofs to relfect sun rays and extend the roof’s life. It also aids in reducing summer cooling costs by up to 40%. Henry’s Jeff Groth details proper surface preperation.

Roof repair on plumbing vent pipe We show how easy it is to solve a roof leak on your plumbing
vent pipe. Using this simple to install and inexpensive product, the leak is fixed in minutes even
in the rain. No shingles or sheet metal to remove.

Metal Roof Repair Old Orchard Beach ME

Metal Roof Repair Old Orchard Beach Progress Video

Roof Repair, Share Your Skills, Give back to Commuinty, DIY, Let’s do this together

How to remove old roof from Mobile Home, Tear off and removal.

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Roof Repair Maryland: Flashing

Flashing problems led to leaks for this homeowner in Upper Marlboro, Md. Some of the bigger builders, in this case Ryan Homes, “cut corners” by using rubber EPDM roofing to flash wall/porch intersections where aluminum flashing should be used.

The result? You guessed it — the rubber disintegrates after a few years and rain water ends up in the house — causing damage and providing a breeding ground for mold (if left unfixed).

At Home Restorations of Md, we’ll replace this flashing with proper “custom made” aluminum, and provide some other services as well . . .

Roof Truss Repair Model Demonstration.

One roof truss was modified during original construction. It has also experienced long term water damage. This is going to be the proposed fix presented to the building inspector.

Roof Repair ALA Holmes on Homes

DM Bekus Construction Replaces a poorly constructed roof